Hot Pepper!
The Lucchino Family
Hot Pepper!




"Friends are God's apology for relations." 
[Hugh Kingsmill]


"Never lend your car to anyone to whom you have given birth." 
[Erma Bombeck]


Frank's Branch




"Love: a temporary insanity curable by marriage."  
[Ambrose Bierce]


"Insanity is hereditary.  You get it from your children." 
[Sam Levenson]



"Marriage is always popular because it combines
the maximum of temptation with
the maximum of opportunity." 
[George Bernard Shaw]


Joseph's Branch


Special Bonus Photo Quiz:

Can you match these little angels (being watched by their doting parents) with their adult counterparts in the above recent photo?

Joe and Carmel's Angels


Special Bonus Photo Answer:

The angels are Mildred (age 11), Marie (9), Lucille (7), and Geraldine (5).  The parents are Joseph and Carmel (Fusco) Lucchino, inserted from a picture on their wedding day.  [How did they know on their wedding day they would later be looking down on 4 girls?]  In the recent photo, Lucille and Marie are seated in the middle.  [They still have those angelic smiles, don't they?]