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"Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family
in another city."  [George Burns]

Welcome to the Lucchino Family web site.  Come in, sit down, have some food ... but don’t spill any on the keyboard!  In some families, the less you know about your history the better, but that’s not the case in ours. I know of no unseemly skeletons in our closets ... nor any spectacular wardrobes either. In fact, considering the number of offspring from the original ancestors and the challenges that took them from rural southern Italy to upstate New York, you might expect to find at least a few famous figures - a Joe DiMaggio or an Al Capone. But no, it seems the only distinguishing feature in our family has been the ability to make and consume large quantities of really great food.

When my grandmother, Anna, was still alive, Mary-Ann and I [John, your Editor on this journey] made her a promise that we would write a book about the family. Over the years we have collected stories, documents and pictures, but because we had to keep making and eating that really great food, the book stayed on the back burner [sorry]. With the advent of the internet, however, we now have the tools to create and update a living body of information that reflects - both to ourselves and to others - who we are.

To Our Family Members:

Please contribute stories and pictures. We have a limited amount of space, so be selective. For details about methods and formats, contact the Site Manager, whose e-mail is on the left margin. For the foreseeable future, this site will be a work-in-progress (like ourselves!), so please be tolerant of glitches.

Remember - Family is all we got! (... and the food, don't forget the food ;-)


Here's the family photo from the 1999 reunion.  The amazing thing is not the size of the group, but that we could get everyone to stop eating and pose for a photo.  Isn't that a great sign they're holding in front?



Here's the family back in 1995.  Notice how we look sharper in the more recent photo?  Lucchino's, like fine wine, get better with age.  [Editor's note:   That's me diving into the right side of the frame. I had the camera on a short timer, and had to run to get into the picture.]


1999 Family Photo

1995 Family Photo




Web Site Revisions

This section lists the changes made to the web site since its original publication. If you have not visited this site recently, you can go directly to the new sections that have been changed since the last time you visited.

  • 1998: Web site creation
  • 1999: Added Map of Italy
  • 2000: Inserted pictures from last year and gave site a face lift
  • 2010: New domain name and site re-organization